Kristofer Weston’s tale of on campus action is split over four scenes entitled ‘The Assertion’, ‘Denial of Will’, ‘Platonic Idea’, and ‘Objectification of Will’. Featuring buff college jocks like Tory Mason, Mason Wyler and Guy Parker, you’ll be dreaming of your old college days and wondering why they were never like that!

    The type of hot college boys we all dream about, Trystian Sweet and Tory Mason, are fooling around in their room in their towels after class. Trystian decides he wants to be ‘assertive’ and fuck Tory’s sweet bubble butt and gets to work on his puckered hole with his tongue.

    Trystian and Tory both have perfect rounded butts and you’d be spoilt for choice if presented with them both, but it’s Tory’s soft white buns that get shafted in a horny opener.

    Next up in scene two, Dean Phoenix and the gorgeous Israeli Omer certainly aren’t ‘denying’ their lust for each other and get straight down to action. Omer has one of those butts you want to burry your face in and Dean does just that before riding Omer doggy style on the couch.

    As the guys fuck, neither says a word but the chemistry between them is scorching and who needs a cheesy script when the sex is this good?

    Boyfriends Mason Wyler and Donny Malone are chilling out when sexy dark-haired Donny has a ‘platonic idea’ and decides the guys should make out in scene three. Both Donny and Wyler are perfect Buckshot studs, and watching the two good looking and athletic studs explore each other’s bodies on the bed is a treat.

    And when Mason gets on all fours with his cute butt pushed in the air, who could blame Donny for diving straight in. Boyish Zack Randall and cute-as-a-button Guy Parker don’t ‘object’ to their desires in the scorching hot final scene and dump their school books for an afternoon of extra-curricular activities.

    First up, Guy’s on all fours pushing out his peachy round butt for young Zack to fuck and then it’s Zack’s who gets a ride straddled on top of Guy.

    You’ll need a strong will to get through this movie without blowing your load.

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