Every first week of the month a group of hot guys into suits meet in a central London location. A hedonistic club where all your sexual fantasies come true… when you’re Suited to Fuck. Come behind closed doors as FreshSX host their own suit fetish sex club.

    First up it’s young Dillon Brooks, dressed in his suit from work, and he tells us that he likes being in control and that wearing a suit gives him that power to dominate. Fran K is at his knees, polishing his shoes and then licking them clean with his tongue, before he pulls out Dillon’s nine inch cock and is forced to suck down on every inch. There’s other guys watching the action and soon Fran is stripped and Dillon works his huge cock deep inside. Next Fran lays down on the couch and they fuck harder, until Dillon sprays his creamy load.

    Ashley Ryder follows Jason Torres into the darkroom next and he wastes no time in getting Jason’s hard cock up his eager hole.

    Sexy young Luke Desmond is up next and he tells us that his biggest turn on is being blindfolded with a tie and fucked in toilets. Kawan Silveira cruises him and they head off to one of the cruising areas of the club where he fulfils Luke’s wish, and uses his tie as a blindfold and reins as he fucks him doggy style.

    Barman Mark Summers and leaves the bar to go to the toilet. There he cruises Justin Harris and moves over to lick and kiss Justin’s shirt and tie. Justin doesn’t need much encouragement and pulls down Mark’s pants and sucks him hard up against the urinals. Mark wants some arse though and he turns Justin around, rims his hole and then slips his cock inside and starts to fuck him hard. Grabbing onto his shirt, Mark pulls Justin even deeper onto him before they move into one of the cubicles, where Mark sits on the toilet and Justin sits down on his cock to feel the full length of it which makes him cum over his black silk tie.




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