These suited studs are dressed to impress. But it’s when they unzip their suit trousers, whip out their giant dicks and expose their peachy butts that we’re impressed! Whether it’s waiting for a bollocking from the boss or an after-hour meet with your manager, these horny men have only one thing on their mind. And that’s getting out of their sharp suits and slamming their stiff cocks up their colleagues’ hungry arses.


    Young Dmitry Osten is invited to his boss Kayden Gray’s plush apartment at the end of his first day at work. Kayden wastes no time and strips his new recruit out of his suit.

    He’s pleasantly surprised that Dmitry’s been hiding such a large surprise under his suit trousers, and drops to his knees to sucks on the long thick Russian dick. Kayden‘s attention soon moves from cock to arse as Dmitry’s hairy hole beckons his monster dick.

    Dmitry‘s soon getting his arse fucked in every position possible until Kayden blows his huge load all over his new employee. Photographer Elio Guzman is snapping suit model Craig Daniel, but when the underwear shoot comes round power bottom Elio can’t keep his eyes off Craig’s massive dick.

    Needless to say, it’s soon disappearing up his hungry hole and Elio being the pro that he is, takes the whole length down to the base. Called to the big man’s office, Nathan Hope checks in with the secretary, Frenchman Gaston Croupier, and sits down, worrying about why he’s been called in.

    Seeing he’s nervous, Gaston walks over, unzips his trousers and pulls out his knob for Nathan to chow down on. But Nathan’s goal is Gaston’s hairless hole, and soon enough he’s fucking the Frenchman hard, making him moan out loud.

    Arriving for an interview, two suited men, Matthew Anders and Nathan Gear, realise they’d recently hooked-up after a night in the local clubs. With time to spare, they rekindle past passions and soon they’re naked in the reception area. With Nathan bent over a chair, Matthew rims him deep before his thick schlong disappears up Nathan’s hungry arse.

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