STAXUS’s Spanish summer odyssey continues with Dutch superstar, Kris Blent, joining Gabriel Angel and Ray Mannix for the holiday of a lifetime. Ruben Bart, Josh Milk and Xavier Sibley are the all-too-accommodating hosts, whose main interest is getting their houseguests out of their clothes so that they can enjoy all those inches of delicious foreign, uncut cock!


    Porn stars are not known for their restraint and patience, and Gabriel Angel and Ray Mannix are restless as they wait for director, John Smith, to show up for their shoot at their Spanish villa. As Smith’s car pulled into the driveway both buddies immediately get down to business, only too eager to get a taste of hard cock, diving onto each and 69-ing across a bench without so much as a care in the world.

    When he’s not working in front of the camera enjoying copious amounts of hard cock, young Xavier Sibley is an expert in the art of massage. It’s a fact that has obviously not escaped Josh Milk’s attention, who’s only too willing to take full advantage of the twink’s skilful manipulations.

    Xavier’s idea of an “all-body” rubdown is quite literally that, and in no time at all his fingers have wandered away from the Spaniard’s shoulders and back, preferring instead to concentrate on Josh’s more intimate areas. With a copious flow of massage-oil things get decidedly slick and oily and both lads end up grinding themselves against each other like a pair of over-sexed alley cats and soon both shoot their loads.

    Our gorgeous foursome head to the beach for a naked romp, but instead of your typical vanilla escapade, with the boys heading off to the dunes, instead, the bevy of beauties head off in the car for what ultimately proves to be the drive of their lives!

    Returning to the villa, the lads continue their über hyped-up antics like a pack of sexed-starved dogs, and the action turns even more hardcore in arguably the most outrageous scene that director, John Smith, has ever produced!

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