The Eurocreme Academy is open and full of tense, athletic young stars. And with giant dicks swinging about and hungry butts raising themselves in the air it’s not long before the testosterone comes out in more ways than one! Luckily director Blacky Mendez is there to capture all of the action.


    The film opens with a hot three-way between super hung coach Kayden Gray and youngsters Kamyk Walker and Jeremy Chris. The lads are making out on a sofa when Kayden swings his massive member in front of them before slamming it in Kamyk’s boy butt. Five horny young lads play a game of Soggy Biscuit in scene two. Alpha twink Kimi Monroe invites new face Jaxon Radoc and they’re soon joined by Jaxon’s hot roommate, tanned hottie Danny Montero. And when Kamyk and Jeremy join the party it turns into a five-boy twink orgy! The following day, romance blossoms when roommates Danny and Jaxon admit they’ve both got the hots for each other. And after an athletic fuck the two fledgling lovebirds fall asleep in each other’s arms! There’s an under water cum shot featuring Jaxon and Kimi next, and we’re left wondering who’s loving who when in the final scene Danny sneaks down to see Kimi for a night time tryst that leaves both boys covered in spunk!

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