In what’s been cited as ‘the porn movie of the year’ The Last Day is an action-packed movie set on a beautiful Mediterranean island. The intricate plot ultimately leads to a power struggle between desperate men who are fighting to survive the end of the world! 

    Jonathan Agassi returns from a brief, solitary vacation away from the island paradise only to find it deserted and the streets empty. The unnatural silence is soon broken by the sounds of motorbike engines, and the gorgeous Will Helm and Kriss Aston pull up and tell Jonathan that everyone has fled the island after terrible news.

    But if Jonathan wants to know what it is, he has to follow them. They lead Jonathan back to the home of sexy Issac Jones, who explains that the world is going to end in six days. In shock, Will and Kriss take Jonathan to a ruined watchtower overlooking the island.

    As this is will be their last days, the guys aren’t going to waste any time with tears. Oh no, they’re going to fuck like there’s no tomorrow… Because there won’t be! Will and versatile Jonathan play with Kriss’ hole before the two take turn fucking him, with Will screwing Jonathan’s arse too, in what’s one of the hottest three-way fucks we’ve seen this year… and we’ve seen a few!

    When you watch QXMEN favourites Damien Crosse and Rafael Carreras take turns fucking each other scene in a dark storage room, we guarantee you’ll shoot your load… We did! The sight of Issac Jones tied up and helpless almost made us come without touching our cock, and Adriano Carrasco takes full advantage of the helpless stud and face-fucks him, pumping Issac’s mouth before turning around and burying his arse in Issac’s face, forcing him eat it.

    Issac’s obviously turned on by this and once he’s untied, the two guys strip off and fuck. Jonathan Agassi is back and he’s with the beautiful Bruno Fernando Gutierrez, who plays a thug drowning his sorrows in booze.

    Drunk or not, we’d give our right arm for sex with Bruno and Jonathan takes full advantage of Bruno’s sorry state and gets fucked by him hard and fast… The Last Day not only has incredible sex, but also an intelligent storyline that rivals any Hollywood blockbuster.


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