The Trap is the journey of a sexually innocent man who takes a trip down into the depths of San Francisco’s underground.

    Raging Stallion Exclusive Junior Stellano follows Bruno Bond into a sleazy sex club and uncovers his hidden desires and explores new levels of hardcore sex.

    Junior’s on the street cruising Bruno when he disappears down a trap door on the side walk. Junior follows and climbs down a ladder to discover Bruno naked except for his boots and a wristband.

    Bruno undresses Junior, gets on his knees and sucks his hard cock before the guys move onto a large iron bed where Junior returns the favour.

    Junior hasn’t licked ass before but realises he wants Bruno’s hole to be the first one he tastes and he goes at it with vigor until both guys shoot their loads.

    When Bruno tells him that he has to go, Junior realises that he isn’t going back up to the street. “Aren’t you going further down?” Bruno asks. “Where?” Junior responds. “There’s much more”, Bruno responds.

    Descending further down below street level, Junior meets Antonio Biaggi using a vacuum pump to make his already enormous cock even bigger.

    Turning another corner, Junior’s attacked by two vicious dog-boys, RJ Danvers and Conner Habib. Their master Ricky Sinz holds the leashes as Junior runs away in fear and we’re left to watch as the master using his dogs for his own kinky pleasure.

    The underground club has many levels and on Junior’s deliciously perverted journey we meet Andre Barclay, dressed in rubber bleachers and Angelo Marconi in latex shorts trying out various dildos and making full use of an amazing fuck machine.

    Muscular Spencer Reed is the master of Tristan Jaxx and this month’s hot cover model, Austin Wilde, and once they’ve captured Junior he gets his ass fucked by each stud. First Austin, then Tristan, and finally Spencer all filling Junior’s hole with their giant cocks.

    After his ordeal, Junior finally escapes and runs into Bruno. “Did you have fun?” Bruno asked as he reaches down a feels Junior’s still wet, open hole. “I see that you did. Now it’s my turn.”

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