There’s never a dull moment in the hospital halls of Folsom Medical and the eleven hot studs, award-winning director Paul Wilde has selected, would make anyone’s stay in this medical facility a pleasurable one.

    We dive straight into the action in scene one with handsome doctor Dirk Jager and this month’s centrefold, sexy orderly Marco Blaze who are in the examination room.

    All it takes is a flash of Marco’s sexy smile and Dirk can’t resist copping a feel of his bubble butt. Marco drops to his knees to deep throat Dirk, wanking his own fat cock at the same time, then bends over the exam table and gives his beautiful butt up to Dirk’s rock hard cock.

    As Dirk ploughs Marco, in walks Rick van Sant and Frank Philipp who start sucking each other and then both take a turn fucking Marco’s butt, who’s now been flipped on his back. As Dirk, once again rides Marco, Rick wanks his huge cock until he shoots a big load, and then all three fire their spunk over Marco’s chest.

    Scene two, and beefy, bearded and bald janitor Gio Forte is wanking his cock when in walks muscular doctor Kurt Weber who falls to his knees to suck Gio’s super-stiff cock. “Choke on it!” demands Gio, forcing Kurt’s head down deep on his shaft as he face-fucks him hard and fast.

    It’s not long before Gio’s got Kurt bent over a desk, fucking his hairy hole and then grabbing his legs and pumping his arse until the two unleash their loads. In another ball-busting scene beefy Daniel Holden is sleeping in the break room while young Bryan Slater and dark Latino Charly Diaz get it on.

    Daniel’s woken by the slurping sounds coming from the other two and decides to join the fun. A hot fuck sandwich follows (with Daniel as the tasty filling) as Bryan lays on his back, legs in the air with Daniel pumping his butt while Charly rides him from behind. Delicious!

    There’s a hot scene with Tony Buff and Colton Steele too but you’ll just have to watch the movie to find out what happens.

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