We love it when a studio drops a bit of comedy into its movies and Robert Drake’s Trust Me I’m A Doctor will have you reaching for the Kleenex not just to wipe the spunk from your hand, but also the tears of laughter from your eyes.

    Nurse Craig Reynolds can’t keep his eyes off Doctor Hogan Wade, a quintessential beefy daddy type who we’d all love to take our temperature.

    Reynolds makes it clear what he’s after when he bends over to pick up a box of latex gloves and Wade naturally can’t keep his hands off the nurse’s meaty round bubble-butt.

    After Reynolds gets his hole eaten out, he returns the favour by sucking on Wade’s juicy cock. Next the doctor pulls out a sizable dildo and fucks Reynold’s hole before ramming his loosened hole with his cock, making Reynolds scream with pleasure.

    Rod Daily, Christian Wilde and John Magnum are up next and it’s Dr John who’s the star of this scene, delivering his hilarious lines like a true pro, while still being sexy as hell.

    Poor Christian Wilde is the sexy patient who, after an initial humiliating naked examination, is lucky to be the centre of attention of doctors Rod Daily and Magnum.

    Part of Wilde’s examination is to see if he can keep his erection and what better way to test this than to fuck Daily’s hot bubble butt.

    And by the end of the scene both Magnum and Wilde have fucked the hell out of Daily.

    Cutie Nikko Alexander is given the classic “Turn your head and cough while I cup your balls” procedure by Dr. Kevin Armstrong next which leads to an anal cavity search.

    Those Hot House doctors don’t just use a gloved finger though, and Armstrong probes every inch of Alexander’s hole with his huge cock.

    Handsome Dayton O’Connor is teamed with geeky, bespectacled Zach Alexander for the final scene of this hospital caper.

    Now there’s always a common explanation for the guy who’s not muscular and handsome in gay porn and, yep you’ve guessed it, Alexander is hung like a donkey.

    O’Connor is soon on his knees, choking down on his massive tool, but surprisingly it’s O’Connor who fucks the hell out of Alexander.

    But he does a damn good job of it and he is just so sexy to watch while he fucks.

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