Six hand-picked scenes from the Hot House archives feature some of the biggest (and we mean biggest) stars in the business, and this is one for all you fans of big, fat, pendulous cocks (that’s all gay men then).

    Whoever choose these outstanding scenes – and by God, there’s a fair few to choose from in the Hot House catalogue – deserves a medal, as they’ve picked a stellar selection of legendary horse-hung superstars.

    For starters, there’s the sphincter-clenching three-way from Skuff 3: Downright Wrong, which stars Thom Barron and Jason Kingsley, both of whom are blessed with stunning 10-inch trouser snakes, which they unleash on beautiful Christoph Scharff’s arse.

    Next there’s a scene from a classic porn flick, Descent (now 15 years old!) featuring a young and oh-so gorgeous Aiden Shaw and Marcus Irons, and straight after that there’s a scene from Pack Attack 1, the first in the studio’s hugely successful gangbang series.

    It’s the one starring greedy pig bottom Kent North (sadly no longer with us) and he’s taking on five big-dicked, hole-hungry tops… and a 14-inch dildo too!

    We remember reviewing Jockstrap when it was released, and watching the scene with Rafael Alencar, who packs his jock like no other man can (both at the front and the back) and Max Schutler, and staring in amazement at how Schutler’s tight hole expands to accommodate Alencar’s 11+ inch monster!

    The next scene chosen is from Trunks 5. It’s the one where horse-hung boyfriends Johnny Gunn and Josh West come out of the pool with their hard ons bursting through their Speedos.

    If you ask us, it was a better piece of cinematography than when Ursula Andress rose out of the sea in James Bond’s GoldenEye!

    And last, but by no means least, there’s the scene from Head Hunters 2 when Trevor Knight attacks that sexy redhead Blu Kennedy with his whopping ten incher… Ahhh, big cocks – we love ‘em.


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