Tense sweaty young men, tight muscular bodies, the air thick with testosterone – it can only mean one thing… A wrestling match down at the Bulldog gym!

    Award-winner Blacky Mendez directs six athletic sportsmen, naked except for their skin tight wrestling singlets, all with bulging crotches, and these guys are fighting to submission.

    Before anyone even steps into the ring, Johny Cruz wrestles with Kayden Gray’s monster cock in the changing room, and then plucky new boy Mathew Davis takes on Dolan Wolf in round two. Back in the changing room, Timmy Treasure tops Saxon West, before Mathew Davis goes a round with Kayden Gray (and loses). That Johny Cruz is a bit of a sleazy bastard and he’s back for a solo round in the final scene, wanking his cock and pleasuring his hole with a butt plug before spewing his load over his chest.

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