You’re Not My Daddy

    They may be related through marriage, but these daddies are after more than their mothers! It’s a whole family affair when these older, powerful men are in charge, and watching over their new charges is an aphrodisiac like no other. They know what they can get away with, and the lads are soon privy to what is expected of them! Join the boys as they tempt their new stepfathers to break their vows in the nastiest ways. Having a new man in the house is never an easy thing to adjust to, but these young lads are finding out that it might actually work for them!  Finding ways to bond with them might be tricky, but when there are giant dicks on offer, it’s always going to win out! From sneaky sightings under open dressing gowns to sweaty kit thrown in your face – any excuse is a good excuse to drop your pants and get daddy to come over and sort you out!

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