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CrackStuffers are designed BY men with greedy arses, FOR men with greedy arses.


Playin’ With Balls

Cam4 have got themselves a football team! From August 10th, an all-new seven man squad will grace the amateur football leagues of Kent with the logo of adult webcam portal “CAM4” emblazoned across their chests.


XXL Pride

08/07/2017: XXL was its usual concoction of barrelling chests, plentiful fur, and great T-shirts this Saturday, but RAMPED up a level for Pride!


Bloody Brutal!

After recently roaring in Vauxhall, the juggernaut of masculinity that is BRÜT unveils a ‘brutal’ monthly twist to it’s weekly Friday night funk-fest, bringing a ‘sense of occasion’ back to the dance floors of London.


Sex, Power, Freedom

Purveyors of sexy and wonderfully comfortable underwear, Andrew Christian, have got a glossy new coffee table tome you just might want to take a peek at!


Trough Love

Raise your fists!


Spot the Ball

Want QXMEN shoved through your slot every month for a year?


‘Appy Chappy

By now, you’ve probably heard about Chappy.


Kiss and Tel Aviv

Naked Sword Studio presents a film by Mr Pam We love a pun, especially in the titles of porn movies! Porn movie puns are the best kind of pun, and Naked Sword’s latest release, Kiss & Tel Aviv, is one of the best kind of porn movies. It’s got it all! Sun, sex, spitroats…what more […]