30/12/2016: Traditionally the season of overindulgence, of giving and receiving, Christmas is also the perfect time for one of Recon London’s famously filthy fetish feasts for deviants – and we include ourselves firmly in that group.


Prowler Porn Awards

It’s almost that time of year again!


Hard On

21/01/2017: Since the lamented demise of The Hoist, Hard On has become safely ensconced at Fire, just round the corner.


Space Cadet – The Complete Collection

Purveyors of the finest gay erotic titles, Bruno Gmunder, have brought together the ultimate compendium of intergalactic gay superhero Byron, aka Space Cadet! Byron was born with an unwavering sense of justice and a profound need to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.


Into the Blue

Director Toni DiMarco invites you to take a dip in the deep, inviting waters of his latest offering, Into the Blue.



Bruno Gmuender, the gay and glossy coffee table book publishers, have a new book out, giving you unparalleled access to the unbeatably fit talent working at Bel Ami…


Get Down to Manwörx

Manwörx sounds like the sort of no-holds-barred, do-you-come-here-often night in a gritty Berlin basement, but it’s actually the brand spanking new sex shop opening up in Manchester, selling everything from aromas and underwear, to shackles and harnesses, and all kinds of other titillatingly kinky get-up. Have a look at some of our favourite items from […]


Spartacus International Sauna Guide 11th Edition Competition

Spartacus, Spartacus, wherefore art thou, Spartacus? Ok maybe we’re mixing mythologies there but you get the idea.


CloneZone’s Topher Taylor Road Test… the Silicone Flexi

The Silicone FLEXI toy from CLONEZONE looks like a worm mixed with a curved fingertip. This doesn’t sound sexy but it is. Take a look at the photo below and you’ll see what I mean. FLEXI is part of the Titus range of sex toys, which have been designed with male pleasure in mind. It’s […]


Skuff: Rough Trade 2

Get down and dirty again with the twisted leather men of ‘Skuff: Rough Trade part 2’. Nick Foxx directs an eight-hunk rendezvous for the climax of this all-out leather fuck-fest in the finale of this instalment of the famed Skuff series.