Basement Sauna App

Occupying the entire basement of a stunning Victorian Mill building, the Basement Sauna is legendary in Manchester.


Down at the Vault

Vault is one of London’s sexiest secrets. Located beneath the streets of Fitzrovia, this is a cruising bar you’ll definitely want to find.


Porn4 Prep

Porn4Prep are a non-profit organisation established by porn actors, offering sexual health and well-being advice for the general public by recognising porn as a learning resource tool.


Get Addicted

Addicted was founded in 2009 in Barcelona, dedicating itself to the design, manufacturing and sale of men’s swimwear.


Spot the Ball

Fancy winning a subscription to QXMEN magazine and getting it poked through your letterbox every month for a year?



You must know about Cam4 by now.


Guy Spy is Under New Ownership!

Pink Triangle Press are the proud new owners of gay social network app, GuySpy!


Backstreet’s Back!

We were all concerned a couple of months ago, when building permission was being sought to knock down the entire block which contains Backstreet in Mile End, and build a new apartment block. Boooo! Hiss! Gentrification sucks!



Not too far in the future, things take a turn for the worse.



After years of being stuck in a webcam rut, adult mega-star Brent Corrigan has promised something completely different to his fans, his beloved ‘LoverBees.’